Why choose Us?

Because we can find the right solution for your real estate situation.
In a very confusing world these days, we can provide a solution, and ultimately stability for you in your real estate situation, no matter what you are facing.

With 30 plus years of experience in the St. Louis real estate market we have a team of real estate specialists that can assist you, essentially making you part of our team.
If you are in need of a Short Sale, we have a CDPE (Certified Distressed Property Expert) specialist.

Facing foreclosure? Our solutions experts and agents know how to list an as-is property quickly, and get the most for you.

If you need a quick sale we can Close with a cash purchase in as little as 7 days.

Do you need a guaranteed sale months down the road? We can provide that as well. This is especially beneficial when in Probate Court.

We also have a Senior Real Estate Specialist to assist anyone over the age of 65, and an Accredited Buyers Representative.

We have experience in St. Louis County and City, Jefferson County, St. Charles County, and Franklin County.

We have helped many in these areas with Short Sales, avoiding Foreclosure, selling and buying homes for cash in your timeline, Probates, listing homes for sale, and homes that have no equity. If you have a situation, we will work hard to find you a positive solution and bring stability and peace in this stressful time of your life. We have assisted with million dollar homes to teardowns. Your situation is unique, we know, and we have the experience to understand what is needed to assist you.

About the owner:
Terry started in 1985 as a union framer. He built homes for one of the largest home builders in the St. Louis area for a number of years. He started his family and in 1992 had his first child, later adopting his third child. Having a passion for sports he played minor league baseball and college volleyball. As his children grew he coached their baseball, softball, and volleyball teams. He continues to coach high school girls select volleyball, though his children are well past high school, as he observes the importance of volunteering and sharing his extensive knowledge on the court. He teaches his girls the passion to work hard on the court, and this carries off court as well. He understands and implements team recognition and brings this to his crews on the job site, and every home sale as well.

Starting his own business in 1990, he rehabbed houses and did various projects like kitchen, baths, and decks. Then in 1995 he built his first custom home from the ground up and continues today with full gut remodels, custom additions, and new builds.

With more than 1000 real estate transactions in Missouri you can see why he is able to bring stability during an unsettled time. Like his volleyball team, your welfare is important to him, as he is always looking for what’s best for the team – which includes you – as he carries the belief that there is a way to solve every problem